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FloMix Benefits

In addition to selling rebuilt forklift motors in Hartford, Connecticut, Precision Devices Inc. sell products that seamlessly fix cracks in roads, parking lots, and other surfaces. Learn more about the advantages of FloMix Asphalt Repair and how it can help your daily operations.

Asphalt Repair and Application

How FloMix Works

FloMix Asphalt Repair, which comes in a five-gallon bucket, is a cold-applied liquid that hardens in minutes for a durable repair that lasts. Our product is extremely useful since it does not require damaged asphalt to be dig out or removed before it is used. Its patented aggregate slurry makes it easy to apply and finish precisely to grade for a smoother ride over the repaired area. FloMix Asphalt Repair is easy to feather into the surrounding asphalt so it blends in with the existing pavement, and it restores pavement strength by ensuring adhesion between the damaged area and the existing asphalt.

Benefits Of FloMix

You can use this product anytime it is needed. There is no need to wait for hot asphalt or to bring in heavy equipment. FloMix is:

• Easy and Quick To Apply • Waterproof
• Capable Of Providing Traction • Economical
• Unaffected By Extreme Temperatures • Self-Compacting
• Strong Enough To Support Heavy Traffic